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Thread: VCDL at Hillsville 9/1/13

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    VCDL at Hillsville 9/1/13

    look forward to seeing you all there

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    4. VCDL to hold special picnic during huge Hillsville gun show
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    The VCDL is holding a picnic in HILLSVILLE on Sunday, September 1, 2013, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

    This is the same weekend as the VFW Labor Day Flea Market & Gun Show.

    VCDL will be serving FREE HOT DOGS & BARBEQUE. Soft drinks, plates, napkins, plastic ware, and cups will be provided.

    The picnic is a family event, and is open to the public. VCDL will be inviting flea market/gun show attendees to come to the picnic to learn more about us.

    All VCDL members are encouraged to attend. Feel free to bring friends! This is a great opportunity to come and hear how our organization is working for the benefit of ALL VIRGINIA GUN OWNERS.

    There will be several DOOR PRIZES given away, each person who attends will receive a door prize ticket. You must be present to win!

    Location: Carroll County Parks and Rec Picnic Shelter: 129 BALLPARK DRIVE, HILLSVILLE VA 24343

    (Directions: Take I-77 to exit 14, go WEST on US 58 (Carrollton Pike). Take first LEFT onto Farmers Market Drive, then Take first RIGHT onto Ballpark Drive (across from the Super 8)

    RSVP to Shannon and Philip Honaker at:

    We look forward to seeing you in Hillsville!
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    nice time

    there was an ocean of orange stickers, i do mean an ocean....lots of open carry. met papa bear but he wont admit it....i was wearing a vest with no shirt under it and a cowboy hat....looked like a retarded chippendales. It cooked us like bacon and then drowned us. Gave my shirt to my wet daughter. Was asked numerous times where the orange stickers and the booth was. Didnt make the picnic because it was scalding and then flooding, the five of us...which comprised five of the eight pro gun at the Richmond MAIG, just couldnt take anymore after two days there. Its called hillsville for a reason, dont recommend pushing a double stroller loaded for two days straight. lots of good stuff for sale, what mortgage? From Richmond to opem carry except at the flea. In Martinsville an older patron complained to the manager of the restaurant that my gun was scaring his mother. Well, the the manager is my nephew and fellow life long gun, he was set straight. Overheard one conversation about me as it pertained to my form of carry...mexican style with an inside pant strap. They were arguing whether that was open carry or not. In wawa on staples mill, three henrico leos said " you need that thing in a holster" I turned around I said "it is"... they said oh, I see. No big deal. Heard the same crap from one open that a 1911' I hate those as he had a glock. Then he said is that a .22?....I like a .25 for back up...whatever, we should all just get along.....good times
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