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Thread: Equal opportunity violation of rights

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    Thumbs down Equal opportunity violation of rights

    I was surfing and somehow ended up on that polarizing figure Mr. Embody's website (can't even remember how I got there) and found this interesting letter from the city of Belle Meade to its citizens:

    Something that struck me as I read it is that they were all apologetic about restricting blacks from carrying and then proceed to restrict whites from carrying, as well. My point being, that the correct conclusion should have been to allow blacks to carry, not to remove whites from carrying. It's like they are saying, "Oops! We only violated the rights of one people group and not all! Don't worry, we will fix that by denying all!"

    (Yes, I am aware that the state of TN has preemption anyway but there is a loophole for local parks.)

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    Seems to me you might be misinterpreting the stupidity of the Commission.

    As they clearly noted, the "army or navy revolver" language was a holdover from a clear attempt to discriminate against one group. There is only one possible way of eliminating the holdover discriminatory language - eliminate the "army or navy revolver" words.

    Anything else, such as eliminating the ordinance alltogether, would go beyond their intent of eliminating what used to be discriminatory language. There does not appear to have been any support for eliminating the restriction against carrying a handgun - either on ther part of the Commission or on the part of a significant portion of the population.

    If we are going to reject the cry of "racism!" when it merely signifies that someone did not get what they wanted, we must also reject the cry of "anti 2A" when it merely signifies that something did not advance the unconditional bearing of arms.

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