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Thread: LEO Didn't shoot Dog

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    LEO Didn't shoot Dog

    been seeing all the threads about LEO shooting dogs. i thought this would be a good change of pace.

    well done, Officer Ague

    August 14, 2013 Liked (9) Comments (7) Print Londonderry-dog_large A police officer in Pennsylvania helped an injured German Shepherd Dog get back home after the dog was involved in a car accident. South Londonderry Township Patrolman Nick Ague tracked down the dog after she ran away from the scene of the accident. He then carried the 75-pound shepherd named Mya for quite some distance so she could be reunited with her owner. His department noted that Officer Ague went the "extra mile" for the shepherd. South Londonderry Township Police described the incident on their Facebook page: "On Sunday, August 11, 2013, South Londonderry Patrolman Nick Ague went the extra mile to make sure a dog made it back home. Two dogs had run from a vehicle after it was involved in a crash on the east side of Palmyra. One was captured. The other, a German Shepherd, made it across town and past South Lingle Avenue. Eventually the dog made it to the area of the Lebanon-Dauphin County line where it was found. The dog was not willing to walk at this point, having suffered injuries to the pads on its paws. The injuries were presumably from the lengthy run on the asphalt and other terrain. Facing no other good options, Patrolman Ague carried the dog a long way back to the owner’s vehicle. Our Department salutes his efforts." "I own a German shepherd myself and I know how devastated I would feel if I never saw my dog again or knew my dog was struck by a car," Officer Ague told ABC 27 News. He responded to Sunday's crash in Plamyra and found Mya in a field. She had badly scraped her paws from running on asphalt. At first, the shepherd did not want to be approached. But after her owner arrived, she let Officer Ague carry her to her owner's car. Mya's owner said she is very thankful that Officer Ague came to her dog's rescue. Mya is happy and recovering at home.

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    Officer adopts "vicious" pit bull - love at first sight.

    LAPD officers save pit bull.
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