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Thread: Perfect example of not making up your mind causes death

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    Perfect example of not making up your mind causes death

    Questions of excessive force are once again being raised, this time in Tucson, Arizona after a SWAT team fired over 70 times at a 26-year-old former Marine during a drug raid that has yet to turn up any evidence against the now deceased soldier.

    OK, you have the cops outside your door ... what do you do. Best know before they even come up the drive.

    You have several choices:

    1) answer the door
    2) don't answer the door, continue watching Seinfeld
    3) hide
    4) get your gun and begin shooting through the door
    5) get your gun and stand there like an idiot
    6) maybe more ...

    Well, this guy did #5 ... and had plenty of lead coming his direction.

    At the least, I would make them do a forced entry .. leave proof that the entry was forceful. I can put in a new door. No need for me to tell them that they are trespassing ~ they already know that (in my case).
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    Thought the name was familiar - an issue from TWO (2) YEARS AGO.

    Been hashed narly to death here and pretty much the rest of the intertubze - even those parts that don't have a positio one way or another about cops, guns, laws, or tyhe differences between darves and elves. Honestly, I read a rather heated discussion about the incident on a board that is pretty much devoted to putting My Little Ponies into RPGs.

    There is a reason we keep telling the OP to be sure to use tin foil - aluminum is known to contribute to, if not directly cause, Alzheimer's.

    stay safe.
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