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Thread: Cop busted for selling steroids ... selling to other cops too

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    Cop busted for selling steroids ... selling to other cops too

    August 13th, 2013 9:19 am by Matthew Lane

    GREENEVILLE A former Jonesborough police officer who sold more than $80,000 worth of illegal steroids over a three-year period has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for steroid trafficking....Sergent sold $80,000 worth of steroids (at $40 per vial) to customers across the United States, including local law enforcement officers.

    Including LEOs? Likely "almost exclusively.."

    Steroid use by cops is a major concern to the public ... unfortunately, random drug testing is not sought after by police unions....

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    david, you'll like this one.....

    Hermosa beach cops getting busted at border smuggling steroids.

    customs officials give them sweetheart deal. then a local resident files an FOIA request from the feds to get more information because the local PD wouldn't give it and the cops kept their jobs.

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    IMO, all cops, legislators and judges should be tested for substance abuse periodically. Their actions are as potentially damaging to the public as a school bus driver, or a long haul trucker, or an airline pilot.

    I think we'd be surprised (or maybe not so much) to discover that 90% of them are on something, from abusing prescriptions to recreational stuff.

    Start with those most outspoken about illegal substances - they're often the most likely to be abusing themselves.

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