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Thread: 5am raid -- man dead -- 4 what? cellphone theft investigation ..

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    5am raid -- man dead -- 4 what? cellphone theft investigation ..

    “With more than 10 police officers inside of the house, my nephew here had to call 911 for my brother,” Rudy Alcis said.

    I'm sure that he voted for Bloomy .... now he's dead. 1 less vote for Bloomy...

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    Sounds about right. Don't know who did it, so just search every apartment one by one, right? Oh, the Constitution said not to do that? Oh, come on, that thing is so outdated... Obviously not suitable for today's America. A police state would be so much safer.

    Yes I know it doesn't say they searched every apartment one by one... But its a pretty short leap based on what's known edit - reported, not known
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