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Thread: OC at Woodland Arts Festival - from a newbie

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    OC at Woodland Arts Festival - from a newbie

    I'm new to the forum and to OC. I have learned a lot just reading through all the posts so thank you to everyone.

    I have been open carrying for a couple weeks now mostly just while I go to the store or Lowe's as I cannot carry where I work. This weekend I decided I would OC at the Woodland Arts Festival in Lexington. This would be the first time I went to a large event while open carrying and I was curious to see how the "arts" crowd would react. To my surprise it was pretty uneventful, which is good in my opinion. I had one guy in an Obama shirt give me a long hard look as he shook his head at me almost like he was scolding me. Then a bit later I was walking near two bicycle officers I herd a woman ask them "is he allowed to have that here?" To which the officer replied "it is not illegal for him to carry a gun here". I just laughed a little and and gave the office a little nod of the head.

    As I said uneventful but thought I would share for those like myself who are lurking and trying to decide if open carrying is something they want to do.

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