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Thread: My cable's out - must be a terrorist attack - best call 911

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    My cable's out - must be a terrorist attack - best call 911

    after the cable went out, they decided they better call…the police

    what idiots ... now they know you watch that show !

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    What? No SWAT teams arresting frivolous 911 callers?

    With multiple calls coming in, it could have been a coordinated distraction for a genuine terror attack! This must be investigated! And, who says the power outage was not a dry run for a later real attack?

    Obviously, Fairfield is crawling with terrorists. If armored cops aren't going door-to-door, they're not living up to the image.

    I came across a great little write-up on the mentality of intelligence services recently. I think this event occurred in the run-up to the first Iraq war. A bunch of Iraqi college students studying in England were rounded up and imprisoned by police on direction from Brit intelligence. They were suspected of being spies and/or terrorists. The whole thing ended up being an embarrassment for intelligence, a deserved embarrassment. Why where the students rounded up?

    Because, when Britain was imposing sanctions on Iraq, a member of the Iraqi embassy staff sent a request to the Brit government that the student aid for these students not be cancelled. And, the requester held a military rank. It turned out that officer was also responsible for some of the student affairs, holding dual responsibilities. But, since the request was made by a colonel, intelligence assumed the Iraqi students were spies and/or terrorists, and went off the deep end.
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