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Thread: The stupid - it burns!

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    The stupid - it burns!

    Los Angeles Community College bans all guns at all campuses. (Well, they do make one exception for theatrical performances. Hollywood and all that, I guess.)

    The new rule

    ban[s] all firearms, including those that are “non-operational and in the instructional setting” from school grounds.
    Gerry Koehler, the teacher of the now cancelled gun classes at Los Angeles Pierce College for the past six years, however, said the idea that a student might “run into somebody with a gun” due to NRA classes was ridiculous — considering they were taught in a locked classroom with the shades pulled down.

    Koehler said the college informed him last month that he would not be teaching his summer class — which was supposed to begin on August 3 — after a member of the Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood Council complained about it.

    “They said, ‘Let’s cancel it for the summer, and hopefully it will die down and we can continue it for the fall,’” he said.

    Koehler said neither he nor any other gun advocates were invited to the meeting in which the class was cancelled. He said he did not find out about the cancellation until Sunday — in an email from an NRA lawyer — that the classes were cancelled permanently.
    Now it goes from just plain crazy to stupid beyond belief -

    Koehler said he called the president of Pierce, Dr. Kathleen Burke-Kelly, to ask if plastic model guns were included in the “non-operational” ban, or if he could use one to keep teaching the class.

    “She said they are not allowed to even have the mention of the world ‘gun’ in their campus catalog, which I find utterly ridiculous and a total violation of the First Amendment … now this is a First Amendment issue," he said.
    As for the person behind the new rule and the inclusion of non-functional guns --

    Svonkin, who authored the resolution, told Campus Reform that he himself was not sure what “non-operational” meant.

    “You know, I’m not an expert in guns,” he said.
    However, expert or not,
    Board of Trustees Vice President Scott Svonkin, author the resolution that ushered in the new rules, told Campus Reform last Monday he believes school’s have no place teaching students how to use guns —but that its educators and faculty do have a responsibility to “promote gun control.”

    “We should make sure that students don't come to campus being afraid to run into somebody with a gun,” Svonkin said.

    He argued it was necessary to ban “non-operational” guns, because although they could not hurt anyone, they could scare students.
    An NRA gun safety class was taught in a locked classroom with the blinds pulled down! Shades of hypocracy - are guns the new nudism? And as for scaring students - I have had to drive past the big urban university campus the past few days. Traffic is slowed and reduced from 2 to 1 lane as incoming students move into the dorms. I know I'm an Oulde Pharte and all, but seeing some of the incoming students - in broad dayligt - was frightening enough. I'd hate to think how scary it would be to come across them after sunset. It would be like walking into the set of some sci-fi alien movie with zombies only to find out that is not makeup, those are not actors, and it's not fiction. But it's the guns that are scary.

    stay safe.
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    Call the guy and say you have been carrying on campus for years without incident ... he'll have a heart attack and die. Yea!

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    The school is a barrel, the students and faculty are fish....

    Lets advertize that if you are crazy, suicidal and want to die but want to make the news. You should come to our school and do suicide by cop and the whole world will know who you are since you should be able to get a high body count since nobody can stop you.

    Plus you might affend someone with the mear mention of a "gun".

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