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Thread: Anyone ever been fired for OCing when not at work?

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    Anyone ever been fired for OCing when not at work?

    In some states, you can be fired for just about anything, including personal activities you do on the weekend - whether illegal or not. Do you know of anyone who was fired because they OC'ed while on their own personal time?

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    And yet SCOTUS has imposed some reasonable regulation on the notion of at-will employment.

    Your question is difficult to answer since termination of at-will employment does not require a statement of reasons. Case law from termination based on other issues (age, family composition, sexual orientation seem to be the current hot buttons) might help you learn how to build a case of being terminated for OCing outside of work as opposed to being too chipper in the mornings.

    QUESTION: What prompts this line of inquiry?

    stay safe.
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    Even though WI prohibits employment discrimination based on "use or nonuse of legal products off company time & property", as well as arrest record, I'm positive I have lost one position because of my 2A advocacy, suspect at least two others, and am pretty sure that my search for employment is being torpedoed because of it.

    I know I had extra scrutiny while in school, extra background checks and so forth.

    And my son's adopters have refused to let us (my son & I) see each other for several years now, thanks to the first wrongful arrest & their overall attitude toward self-defense. They have guns, they've taught my son to shoot, she's been attacked on their front porch, but they're against self-defense.
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