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Thread: Enhanced permit for nonresident

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    Exclamation Enhanced permit for nonresident

    I am in TN and as far as I know, there is no way for me to get the same privileges as an enhanced MS permit. MS recognizes my TN HCP, but not as enhanced. The silly thing about it is that one of the ways you can get an enhanced MS permit is by attending a TN HCP class, I've heard! Also, MS does not allow nonresident permits.

    This limits the locations I can carry, including a church. Is there any way we can seek to change this? Is anyone interested in helping me try to get some attention paid to this by law makers to come up with a solution? I am in MS frequently.

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    The only way to change this is to get the state law changed in the next legislative session and hope that the same group that is blocking open carry don't try to tie it up in court. I am a former Mississippi resident, and I would love to be able to carry in more places. I can only hope that if enough of us push we can get the law changed.

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