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Thread: Why are firearm owners treated like criminals?

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    Why are firearm owners treated like criminals?

    Some government agencies, politicians and bureaucrats believe all gun owners are criminals. Watch this video clip

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare View Post
    I tried two very different not-M$ video players and neither played the file well.
    It took 4 minutes to download, but Windows Media Player presented it just fine. The message in the video, however, is fairly trivial. "I am not a criminal."

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesCanby View Post
    It took 4 minutes to download, but Windows Media Player presented it just fine. The message in the video, however, is fairly trivial. "I am not a criminal."
    I watched it, no problemo ... slow dl speed .. about 4 min, like JC noted.

    I don't get treated like a criminal myself just for owning firearms ... I'm just an American trapped in CT ....

    I think that gun owners characterize themselves that way. Note in the committee hearings all the "I'm sorry for the incident at sandy hook"...sorry, why? Sorry=guilt IMO=atonement required. Stop saying your sorry about some act that you had nothing to do with, regarding people you did not even know, when they are using it for political leverage to screw you out of something.

    Look at 9-11 .... the whole country was "sorry" and we got shoved right up where the sun don't shine with a hot poker.
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    I liked it.

    I had NO problems pulling it down, and Media Player played it just fine; 'nough said on that account. Maybe some who had trouble should get an upgrade from DOS; the world has moved on, thankfully!

    Why did I like it? I've actually been directly on the receiving end of the prejudice this video was meant to address, and believe this message does in fact need to be heard far and wide at maximum volume, repeatedly. WE ARE NOT CRIMINALS!
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    Now on Youtube

    For anyone having issues with the download link or WMV format, here the video is on youtube:

    Enjoy. Share with your friends.
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