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Thread: Texas carry laws

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    Texas carry laws

    I'm from New Mexico. I will be spending a couple days in van horn texas for work, what are the laws on carry?

    I understand car carry is legal as long as it is concealed? I know for loaded concealed carry you need a chl... What about unloaded concealed carry?

    Being I am only 20.5 and need 6 months until my chl in New Mexico I have been using unloaded concealed carry as this is legal in New Mexico, is this legal in Texas?

    Note: I am aware of the views on unloaded carry but I have practiced and this is my only option right now in my state as I am not comfortable with open carry and often don't have the time to hassle with a cop about it....

    Main thing I am concerned with is if it is legal to conceal carry unloaded meaning no round chambered and no mag in the gun? Places I will be going would be. Restraint like red lobster apple bees McDonald's etc and my motel room mainly.


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    Texas law prohibiting carry of weapons does not specify loaded or unloaded.

    Penal code 46.02 I believe is all that's relevant here (unless you're a felon or something ). Here is a link to the text: http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.u...E.46.htm#46.02

    As you can see, it basically says that outside of X circumstances, it's illegal to carry a handgun on or about your person. One of those circumstances is that you are in your motor vehicle. It goes on to say that it's an offense to carry in your motor vehicle if any of Y are true (it's in plain view, you're in a gang, otherwise breaking the law, etc.)

    I am just paraphrasing of course, you should read the text yourself a few times. In my personal opinion, it's written horribly.

    Not sure if I need the generic "I'm not a lawyer" etc. etc. disclaimer or not, but, I am not a lawyer, don't take this as legal advise, yada yada yada.

    Hope this helps. Sorry Texas is so restrictive

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