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Thread: Updating Washington CCW reciprocity

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    Updating Washington CCW reciprocity

    Well since some funny old guys on some random internet forum keep telling me to be persistent and "citizenship is a verb" I decided to take on something that's bothering me, so I wrote the state Attorney General to get him to update the reciprocity list. I'll probably write similiar letters to my state senator and reps if I think it nessecary. but here's the letter I wrote.

    Office of the Attorney General of Washington
    Bob Ferguson
    RE: Concealed Carry Reciprocity

    Dear Mr. Ferguson, I am writing to inform you that the Concealed Carry reciprocity map and table (located at Appears to be out of date. There are several recently passed laws in other states that I believe render these states within compliance of RCW 9.41.073. Specifically the states of Idaho and Kansas

    Idaho has amended their laws to include an "enhanced concealed handgun license" (ECHL) ECHLs are subject to stricter requirements then a regular Idaho CHL (much comparable to North Dakota's set up with class 1 and class 2 CHLs) According to the Idaho Revised Statutes 18-3302K (3) any applicant is required to submit to fingerprint based criminal background check and a check for any mental health records that may disqualify an applicant from possessing a firearm. Idaho Revised Statutes also make a requirement that any applicant for an ECHL be 21 years of age or older.

    Since Washington recognizes Class 1 North Dakota Concealed pistol licenses, Washington should consider accepting Idaho's ECHL as this is an identical set up that appears to meet state standards.

    The State of Kansas has with Senate Bill 21 amended Kansas Statutes Annotated (KSA) 75-7-03 to read

    "(c) (1) Subject to the provisions of subsection (c)(2), a valid license or permit to carry concealed weapons, issued by another jurisdiction, shall be recognized by this state, but only while the holder is not a resident of Kansas."

    Therefore Kansas will now recognize a concealed pistol license issued by the State of Washington.

    KSA 75-7-04 (3) sets the minimum age for a license at 21 as it prohibits the licensing authority from issuing to an individual under age 21.

    KSA 75-7-05 (c)(1) requires that all applicants for a Kansas Concealed Handgun license submit fingerprints to the licensing authority for the purpose of conducting a criminal history check. and KSA 75-7-05(d) requires a mandatory check for mental health history that would disqualify an applicant from obtaining a license.

    Therefore it would appear that Idaho and Kansas are now in compliance with the provisions of RCW 9.41.073 as both states recognize Washington's concealed pistol license, and Kansas's licenses and Idaho's enhanced license both require fingerprint background checks, mental health history checks, and are available only to those age 21 or older.

    I would like to request that the Attorney General's Office re-evaluates these states and amends the list if determined that these states are in fact in compliance with Washington law.
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