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Thread: national news

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    national news

    Yesterday Sunday I was flipping thru the channels at my moms and I ran CNN on
    and Mitch Landreau the N.O. mayor was on and talking about crime in N.O.

    Did anybody see that?

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    No. My time machine seems to be busted. It's still today here, as well as being Sunday.

    Annd other than the faxct that he was on the show, did he say anything of note we might be interested to knowing about? Or do you just like posting referrals to stuff for the sake of posting referrals?

    stay safe.

    PS - jusat noticed you are a newbie here. Please soften some of the tone of the above. We have a sort of unwritten "rule" that if you post a referral to something or some place on the net you give us a fair idea of what it is about or what we should be looing for, In this case it would be that Landreau was tlking about how crime has decreased since Katrina or that Landreau was talking about how crime has only risen in the wards where people have repaired/replaced their houses and are living there, or the like.
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