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Thread: I was in Chicago and.......

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    I was in Chicago and.......

    I spent a little time this week in Chicago with two of my best friends and I was
    walking their dog along with my wife and his wife and we were informed by a woman
    who turned out to be a plain clothed police officer that we needed to be careful as there
    was a drive by shooting just a few minutes before. The police were putting little numbered
    yellow plastic tents over several cartridge cases. My friends wife said that that is why she thinks
    gun should be banned. I told her that I thought they were in Chicago at least and see how well
    that works. I would have pressed the subject a little but she was a little upset as this happened
    very close to her home in a nice little enclave.

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    I owuld have dropped that lady off at 79th and Halsted .... then she would be wantin a gun

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    Quote floating around the internet the past few days.

    If gun control worked, Chicago would be Mayberry right now! -Cam Edwards
    And the problem with Chicago is the attacks are not restricted to neighborhoods. Huge packs are beating and robbing people in broad daylight on the Magnificent Mile and around the Loop. High traffic tourist spots with tons of cops.

    April of this year.
    More than two dozen teens were arrested Saturday night after dozens of groups began randomly attacking pedestrians on Chicago's Magnificent Mile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidmcbeth View Post
    I owuld have dropped that lady off at 79th and Halsted .... then she would be wantin a gun
    You are talking about my old neighborhood. Well, at least the fringes, where things were considered less dangerous.

    There is little to be gained by dropping a hoplophobe in the middle of a combat zone. It just reinforces their belief that weapons are bad and there needs to be a greater police presence to protect them - regardless of the falicies of both of those notions.

    We seem sometimes to forget that there is a certain mindset, a certain personal philosophy, needed for an individual to be willing to assume personal responsibility for their wellbeing, let alone for the protection of self and/or others against violence and other criminal behavior. There is no way to put that into a person who does not already posses it. However, some folks just have not had their sense of personal responsibility awakened. It's not possible to tell which you are dealing with until after they have "seen the elephant".

    stay safe.
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    With the Alumni on this thread...(Ashland & Lawrence ,62-67) the consensus seems to be, that the good got out while the getting was good.
    As for the rest; well Natural Selection works wonders too...
    Ah... the good 'Ol days, no guns & all the cigs you could smoke
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    Your "friend" is entitled to believe whatever she wants. She may not like or own a gun..... She may not even believe in God.

    But, at 2 am, when some thug kicks in her door and starts toward her bedroom....she will do two things.

    She will pray to God that somebody with a gun gets there in time to save her sorry self from the bad guy.

    Just sayin.....

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    If you point out to an anti-gun nut that Chicago is proof that gun prohibition doesn't work, odds are you'll hear something about how guns come into Chicago from neighboring counties and states and that's why there's so many in Chicago.

    Funny thing, though...that super-high crime bubble has very well-defined borders that precisely match the city limits. If guns can go in gangs could go out just as easily -- there is no magic forcefield that keeps gangs from walking across the street to the suburbs...and yet, one side of that street has incredibly high crime rates and the other, where you can have guns for self-defense does not.

    Odd, that.
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