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Thread: Looks like Sheriff Clark is poking at Mayor Barrett again.

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    Looks like Sheriff Clark is poking at Mayor Barrett again.

    Nice to see a little sense from elected officials once in a while.
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    I'm trying to figure out where to get some "Support Your Local Sheriff" stickers...

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    My Sheriff is great!
    And he was totally cool being around normal everyday citizens who are armed.
    I can't see chief Flynn in a similar state / position.

    I do wish Clarke would dress more professionally when he's making a public appearance.
    It's not like we surprised him & dragged him away from his yardwork. He knew he was going to be speaking before the class several days ahead. I don't think khakis & a polo are too much to ask.
    (His poor aide was in full uniform, long sleeves & pants in dark fabric, and it got up to 90 yesterday. I felt sorry for him.)

    And the bar owner has the loan of a pistol from a family member (IIRC), so he's not a sitting duck.
    But he should have been given his property back by noon the next day (which is also when the DA should have announced there would be no charges against the victim, instead of taking the whole weekend).
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    Ime, if I can make a broad generalization - Sheriffs are cooler than police chiefs. The latter are almost always appointees, of the mayor or city council. They will just echo whatever policy stances etc. their boss supports. They are usually cop-o-crats (bureaucrat cops) to the max. Seattle is the perfect example. Their chief is just an echo of whomever happens to be the mayor. They have a mediocre PD and their chiefs are always spineless cop-o-crats. Kerlikowske was awful, btw. Now, he is pres. obama's "drug czar". Gag me with a spoon

    I'd way rather see a sheriff, one who can act as a foil to a mayor, etc. than a chief who just acts as a servant to one

    Sheriffs answer to the PEOPLE, not a politician (mayor, etc.) and with that autonomy, ime, comes a more pragmatic, down to earth style imo. Don't get me wrong, there are some buttmunch sheriffs out there, but on average, I'd rather live under the jurisdiction of the county (here in the NW) vs. the city. Back east where I lived, the sheriff wasn't in law enforcement at all. In MA, for example, there are no unincorporated areas, and the sheriff is just the jailer. But here in WA (and disproportionately in Western and Southern states), it's a different story. I live in a city jurisdiction right now, and my city PD is AWESOME, but I am just speaking on average
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare View Post
    The Milwaukee County Sheriff is David A. Clarke.
    Spelling nazi: DOUG HUFFMAN. Did I spell it right?
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