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Thread: VA background checks

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    VA background checks

    wasn't sure where i wanted to put this. it deals with VA background checks and has statement from Philip VanCleve and anti defense man Andrew Goddard. but i feel like all the forum could benefit from this

    a bit stats heavy. but i can say it is interesting. especially with the small numbers. since the Roanoke time is very anti citizen self defense, i think they wanted to make more out of it then they could

    my personal opinion, is that no one should be arrested for a failed background check. a lot of these people probably didn't know they were non-aligable. if they told the truth and were turned down, that is one thing. but now if they lied then that is a whole ball of wax
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    i you call a CHP a CCW then you are really stupid. period.

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    0.15% of all background checks performed. That's a loophole big enough to drive a - wait, I'm still trying to think of what could be driven sideways through a loophole that big.

    As the OP suggests, some of those who failed may not have been fully aware that they were prohibited persons. With the proliferation of crimes that are now felonies, along with the increase in suspended sentences for "lesser" crimes, it is possible for someone not very astute about firearms laws to be convicted of a felony, not realize they are now a prohibited person, and get caught by a background check.

    But seriously, does anybody think that BGs think they can get a better price at a gun show, what with the recent price situation in response to the recent availability situation? Or are BGs just not comparison shoppers who are also saddled with an impulse-buying affliction that literally drags them off the streets and into gun shows? And if they are going to gun shows to look for private sales so they can use that "gunshow loophole" then why are BGs submitting to background checks in the first place?

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