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Thread: Big Truck Tacos is now posted!

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    Big Truck Tacos is now posted!

    I'm at Big Truck Tacos right now, and low and behold, they have a brand new gun buster on the door. This is one of my regular spots because they were not posted and I have never as much as had a strange look here.
    Well we stopped by tonight, and they have a brand new gun buster on the door. I asked the manager on duty about it, and she didn't even know what I was talking about. She didn't even know it was there.
    She gave me the owners email address and I will be contacting them first thing in the morning.
    I am very disappointed in BTT right now, and hope I can get this sign taken down!

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    Well then I always ask "can I take it down?" with any kind of signage I don't like.

    How many democrats' political signs have I taken down that way? Thousands.

    Who knows who put the sign up? I bet that antis just slap them on windows everywhere...w/o asking
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    A polite e-mail is the way to start, if the owner wants the sign fine, those of us who carry can spend our cash at other places.

    It is odd how some places will not even reply to the e-mail, but may take action. I think that is so they can change their minds and not have a paper trail saying it was okay.

    Hope it works out, let us know when you can.

    David. ....... In need of a Taco right now.

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