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Thread: Moms demanding stupidty lose mind over blackpowder rifle.

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    Moms demanding stupidty lose mind over blackpowder rifle.

    I called and spoke to the principal today. It was a very concerning conversation. I was calm and collected and tried to appeal to him as a fellow educator in regards to the kind of example this will set for the students and the influence his decision will have. He didnít let me get very far Ė interrupting me several times to tell me that this was not ďsome kind of AK 47 or hand gun.Ē Itís a black powder gun apparently. Then he asked me if I was a gun-owner. When I said that was immaterial to the discussion, he said obviously youíre not [a gun-owner] and donít understand anything. Iím a hunter and know what I am doing. Then he hung up on me. Clearly, his personal ad political convictions are leading his decisions, which is inappropriate for a school administrator. Additionally, he was unprofessional, dismissive, and rude. I shared my experience with the state superintendent, June Atkinson (unfortunately, her authority is limited in this case). Then I called the country superintendent, Sean Bulson, who approved the decision, to file a complaint about the principalís conduct and lack of professionalism. Finally, I called our local news station with the story.

    Click link for the rest of the story.
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    Their team song .... lol

    New give-away ... a nail GUN ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

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    While reading the OP, I was trying to figure out why you would call the school like that. It wasn't apparent that it was a quote from a handwringing mommy having a tantrum. Now I get it.

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