Ahh, I got DESPP on this one. Proof is gooooood.

Request #1 : early July 2013, asked DESPP Commish for SLFU records (5-10 pages of records I'm guessing)....gets sent to Christine Plourde same day.... contact her on and off for 55 days. She says the SLFU has not gotten back to her despite repeated contacts from her (said this this week & other times). Okkkkk. Went to DESPP this week...she refused to come out of her hole.

Request #2: since I think that the Plourde is full of it ... I tested this hypothesis with a similar request, broader in time and scope request, guessing maybe 150-500 pages of records (it actually covered the same records in request #1 plus more). But filed with Lt. Cooke, custodian of the records with both requests, today. Bingo, got records ready from his dept. in like 2 hours of the request (super service, right?). But then he tossed them to the legal affairs unit ... where they may sit forever.

One hour later, filed a complaint with the FOIC in respect to request #1...claiming : denial of records, promptness violation, and that DESPP has rules or regulations designed to (or otherwise) violate the promptness provisions of the Act.

Should I post back in a year with the results of the FOIC case decision?