I was browsing through the American Furniture Warehouse in Firestone on Saturday with my family. I had been there for about an hour without anything more than a second glance or two when I noticed a store employee hanging out near us (about 20 feet away). As I had a question, I approached him in a friendly way and said I had a question. He replied that he'd be happy to help me and then he had a question for me.

After discussing my question, he asked about OC and what my experiences have been. He noted that he hadn't gotten his concealed carry permission slip yet so he hasn't been carrying at all. I told him that I have had nothing but good experiences OCing in the Weld, Larimer, and, very minimally, the Boulder County areas. I encouraged him to check out the forum here, say hi, and ask about other people's experiences.

This makes at least a half dozen visits totaling over at least as many ours to American Furniture Warehouse locations in Firestone and Fort Collins with absolutely no issues. It was a great discussion and I hope he stops in.