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Thread: A chance to influence a poll

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    A chance to influence a poll

    Another someone complaining about carry at Starbucks. Read if you want rehashed talking points, else just jump to the bottom of this page and vote.

    (I searched but didn't find it already mentioned. If this is a duplicate, please combine.)
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    Thank you for voting!

    No 92.48% (1,169 votes)

    Yes 6.96% (88 votes)

    I don't care 0.55% (7 votes)

    Total Votes: 1,264
    Poor Brian. His argument "The reason you should create a safe space at Starbucks ...." seems not to have hit a responsive chord with either Starbucks or the readers. There seems to be a - werll, I was going to say a "mixture" of comments, but they mix about as well as crude oil and water. There is just no emuslifying them to get an even outcome.

    And BTW - you can vote more than once, even if you are not from Chicago.

    stay safe.
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    I'm not sure he can tell the difference between concealed and open. He seems to refer to them both as the same thing.

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    Thank you for voting!
    No 94.6% (2,190 votes)

    Yes 4.67% (108 votes)

    I don't care 0.73% (17 votes)

    Total Votes: 2,315
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    No 94.7% (2,360 votes)

    Yes 4.45% (111 votes)

    I don't care 0.84% (21 votes)

    Total Votes: 2,492

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    Now about 3000 to 122, epic fail for him. Just like watching a train wreck reading the comments till I get to ill to continue.
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    This author is a highly misleading lunatic:
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    The question is biased toward "yes."

    A better question should be open-ended, with options that sound positive to those who agree with them, instead of phrased in a way that sounds positive only to folks who will answer yes.

    Example: How do you think that Starbucks should proceed in regards to their firearm policy?

    A) They should continue to allow lawful carry in their stores.

    B) They should respect the desire of patrons to enjoy their coffee in a place free of guns.

    It ain't that hard to write unbiased questions.

    Bias aside, 95% of folks seem to be selecting the choice away from which they were being led dragged.

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    95.44 No right after my vote. Weird that it seems to let you vote more than once.

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    I liked the whiner-comment about Starbucks needing to do the actuarial math about shootings in their stores in the same vein as slippery floors.

    So, how many shootings have occurred in Starbucks stores? In states where shooting another person without AOJ is already illegal? I'll bet there have been tons more employee workplace injuries and robberies than customer-on-customer shootings or ND's.

    I guess the whiners aren't too bright.
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    If I am equal to another, how can I legitimately govern him without his express individual consent?

    There is no human being on earth I hate so much I would actually vote to inflict government upon him.

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