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Thread: Anybody else into Karambits?

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    Anybody else into Karambits?

    I have a confession to make.

    As a gamer with a slight Ubisoft addiction, it was natural that my interest got piqued when I saw Sam Fisher's weak side knife in the new Splinter Cell game and how absolutely SICK it looks.

    Also, I've been looking for a good weak-side belt knife to defend against a possible gun grab, with a sheath that I don't have to break to get off (my work disallows knives). The last entry was the Browning Black Label with a tek-lok sheath that I absolutely despised. Go ahead, start hating.

    I saw the Emerson, I saw the Fox's, I saw the Spyderco hawk bills that looked terrifyingly awesome, but I settled for .... the $20 Colt Desert Karambit. Link:

    Index finger ring: Check. Easily removed kydex belt sheath: Check. Affordable price: Super Check.

    So ... there's my confession. I bought a cheap knife and my first impression is that it's a bargain. Anybody else have Karambit stories or purchase suggestion? I may just make a whole sub-collection of these wondrous things.

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    Expensive -

    Not expensive - Also comes in Big and Little.

    They are not so much for getting a person off of you (although they can do a decent job) as much as getting something off your strong-side hand/arm. Also, they wipe clean very easily after being brought into use when you actually want to cut that hunk of food in front of you instead of sawing away at it with whatever the restaurant gave you.

    The HAK is less recognized as a knife, even after being deployed. And it allows you to hold on to it while still using both hands. Not that I'm prejudiced - much.

    stay safe.
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    I own a folding Karambit, always liked the knives an got all kinds of excited when I seen a folding version. Can't recall the brand, was a cheaper brand.

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    Karambits have a certain awesomeness - the strokes are limited by the design, at least those with the more extreme curvature.

    Here is a nice variety with a good spread on price:
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