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Both my wife and I had worked at EY and we got this note today. Would say it's one of the reason's why I obtained a CHL and w/b working with Texas legislators to get the option to OC in Texas. I am pretty sure I met Ms Lee at AON - they handled our company insurance at Samsung Telecom. The office was so high up you had to go to the elevator lobby half way up and transfer. I remember in our Agent's office you could look DOWN out of the window and see the Statue of Liberty down there - about 3 inches tall between your thumb and finger.

The EY family suffered a great loss 12 years ago when 14 known EY alumni were killed in the September 11th attacks. The following are brief remembrances as they appeared on our alumni website in 2001. Please keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Vincent Boland, Jr.
Vincent served with the NY Management Consulting Practice until 1999, when he left to pursue his Masters in computer science. He was later hired by Marsh McClellan as a computer software designer. Vincent was working on the 97th floor of Tower One.

Richard Bruehert
Richard was an alumnus of the NY Area. He joined the ISAAS group as a manager in 1993. He left in 1998 to work for Marsh & McLennan and worked on the 97th floor in Tower One.

Pat Danahy
Pat joined the audit staff in 1988. He left EY as a manager in 1994. Pat worked on the 90th floor in Tower Two for Fiduciary Trust as vice president of Investment Services.

Jeff Fox
Jeff joined the EY NY audit staff in 1982 and left in 1985. He was the Chief Financial Officer at Keefe, Bruyette and Woods and worked on the 89th floor in Tower Two.

John Hart
A Minneapolis office alum, John worked for Franklin Templeton Fund of San Mateo, CA, as Director of Global Operations. He was on the 91st floor of Tower Two, giving a business seminar when the plane struck.

Lorraine Lee
Lorraine Lee was an administrative assistant for the National Tax group in New York from 1996 until 1998. She was working for AON Insurance in Tower One.

Tom Linehan Jr.
Tom joined the Saddlebrook, NJ Audit Department of EY (AY) in 1988 and left in 1990. He was working for Marsh & McLellan, as a senior vice president, on the 98th floor of Tower One.

Barry McKeon
Barry was a New York Area alumnus and joined in 1983. He left as a senior manager in 1986. Barry was killed in Tower Two while working for Fiduciary Trust as an executive vice president of Investment Services.

Chris Newton
Chris was a Pac South West Area alumnus. He joined the audit staff in 1984 and left as a manager in 1992. He was the Chief Executive Officer of Work/Life Benefits and he was killed when American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon.

Dennis O’Berg
Ladder 105, Brooklyn
Dennis joined the EY audit staff in 1998. He left three years later to follow in his father’s footsteps as a New York City Firefighter. He was killed trying to rescue victims of the World Trade Center. EY is proud of Dennis O’Berg. Dennis is a hero for our time.

Dave Retik
A New York area alum, Dave was a member of the EY audit staff until 1992 when he transferred to Corporate Finance. Dave left EY in 1993. He was killed aboard American Airlines Flight #11 which crashed into Tower One.

Derek Statkevicus
Derek joined the NY audit staff in 1993 and left as a senior in 1996. Derek was killed in Tower Two where he worked as an equity analyst for Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Inc.

Dennis Taormina
Dennis was an alumnus of the New York Area. He joined the Saddlebrook, NJ audit team of EY (AY) in 1988 and was a senior when he left in 1990. He was killed in Tower One while working for Marsh & McLellan.

Vladimir Tomasevic
Vladimir was a Toronto office alumnus. He was a Management Consulting manager from 1998 until 2000 and then for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young until 2001. He was vice-president of software development for Optus e-biz solutions and was attending a conference on the 106th floor of the North Tower.

You hear about the large number of Americans killed at WTC and the Pentagon, but it seem much closer to you when you have friends that worked with some of them.