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Thread: Two anti gun Colorado state senators kicked out of office

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    Two anti gun Colorado state senators kicked out of office

    How about them apples ? The voters of Colorado have spoken. Two state senators were voted OUT of office. Coloradans will not allow anti gunners to step on their 2nd amendment rights and Mayor Bloomberg to interfere with their rights. Take that liberal scum. That out to scare the anti gunners a little.

    On a side note there is a thread going about NVFAC particpating in a non OC event that morphed into a conversation about voting.

    Don't vote say some. See my thread of 9/11/13. Vote AND you get to kick out (2) anti gun Colorado senators.

    During the 2012 elections, 5 million born again Christians just couldn't bring themselves to vote for a Mormon. Now we have (4) more years of the liberal nightmare boy President.

    Thank you to all you "non voters". Voting has made a difference through out history. I guess some of you were asleep in History class. If 435,000 of the (5) million "non" voters had voted in (5) swing states, we would have President Romney.

    You have a right to not vote. You don't deserve to have your bitching heard when things go south because you were being "pure" to your non voting beliefs.

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    Certainly is not bad news .. I don't know what it will mean for the gun laws in CO.

    Wish I had a large chipper here in CT ... why waste the paper on ballots?

    Now we have our Sr. GOP senator asking to run for Gov ... hopefully, its a no go on that...he did the same as the CO senators.

    What total pieces of .. oh, look ... a cookie....

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    Re: Two anti gun Colorado state senators kicked out of office

    Paging yardsale...

    As a side note I see this as a win for gun rights in oppressed states like California. I'm sure they could definitely use this as case law, if the people would would use it

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