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Thread: Humor - Putin for US President --

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    Humor - Putin for US President --

    I found it slightly funny .... others might find it hilarious

    Here's Putin put-in it to Obamalama:

    Assad tells Obama to stop arming rebels, or no deal

    "Yes Mr. Putin." will be Obamalama's response.
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    (chuckle)Libertarians have noticed that Nobel-laureate Obama is war-mongering, while Putin, a known thug, is working to avoid war.
    I'll make you an offer: I will argue and fight for all of your rights, if you will do the same for me. That is the only way freedom can work. We have to respect all rights, all the time--and strive to win the rights of the other guy as much as for ourselves.

    If I am equal to another, how can I legitimately govern him without his express individual consent?

    There is no human being on earth I hate so much I would actually vote to inflict government upon him.

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