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Thread: Denied CPL in wayne county

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    Denied CPL in wayne county

    Hello All,

    I have a question for michigan residents with CPL's preferrably in wayne or Oakland county.
    I applied for my CPL 4 weeks ago. Today I received a letter from the wayne county clerk saying my
    application was denied and I could appear before the gun board with court documentation for review.
    Ok so here's my back story 8 yrs and 6 months ago I received a DWLS 2nd offense ticket. It was adjudicated 2 months later. I was never arrested. I paid the fees, and have not been in trouble since. It was a dumb youthful mistake. On Aug 14th of this year, I applied for my CPL. Per the CPL requirements in michigan it has been over 8 yrs, so I should have been good to go, but I guess not. I don't understand why I was denied? I went today to pick up my clearance and court docs showing the case was closed, an it has been closed over 8yrs ago, for the gun board hearing. Is there anything else that I would need to take the meeting? Am I wasting my time fighting this? Any help or insight that anyone has would be helpful.

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