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Thread: Stow High In Transit...

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    Cool Stow High In Transit...

    Trivia time...

    MANURE--In the 16th &17th centuries, manure was used as the main source for fertilizer.
    Large amounts of manure were baled and shipped dry (dry manure weighed less) by sailing ships, all over the known world.

    However, if the dry material happened to get wet in the hold of the ship, the fermentation started up again causing methane gas to form in the hold of the ship! The first poor sailor to go into the hold with a candle or lantern --KABOOM!!!! Several ships were sunk by these explosions!!!!

    In order to make sure the manure stayed dry during shipping, the merchants started marking the bales- "STOW HIGH IN TRANSIT" to avoid contact with water that might get in the hold of the ship.

    After the markings had become familiar to the seamen, they were abbreviated to S.H.I.T.

    The term is still used to this day, But I always thought it was a term used in playing golf!

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    I don't like it when people forward me chain emails, and I don't enjoy it any better when they show up on OCDO.

    Pro tip: every single time someone sends you a "funny" chain email, and you find yourself physically incapable of simply deleting it unread, head on over to

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    Also, these are called Backronyms and False Acronyms. All of these cute "trivia" things you read explaining how the S word or the F word is some kind of old initialism is false. Acronyms didn't even come into use until the 1900s.
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