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Thread: Gun rights advocare charged with tax fraud.

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    Thru Death's Door in Wisconsin

    Gun rights advocate charged with tax fraud.

    "Nazir Al-Mujaahid made headlines in 2012 when he became Wisconsin's first concealed carry permit holder to shoot suspect during an armed robbery attempt at an Aldi store. Al-Mujaahid wasn't charged, but he has been in some civil legal tussles with authorities to recover the gun he used. Now he faces criminal charges of a totally different nature that could jeopardize his ability to legally carry a gun. A complaint filed this week charges Al-Mujaahid with theft by fraud, and five counts of fraudulent claims of an income tax credit. All six charges are felonies."
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    Was "I plead the fifth" IRS head lois learner at the office when that decision was made or did she call it in?

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