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Thread: Business's in Kennett, MO.

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    Business's in Kennett, MO.

    I have complied a small list of business's in Kennett MO. and their policy on firearms as posted. It is a small town but thought this list may come in handy just in case anyone ever decided to come down south.

    Business's were you are not allowed to carry:

    1. New wave cable co. sign posted no weapons allowed on front doors.
    2. Aldi Supermarket small sign posted beside inside door of double door set so you are in the store before you can see it.
    3. City Light,Gas, and Water sign posted on outside door of double door set.
    4. Security Finance sign posted on front door
    5. Wal-mart no signs posted, depends on what assistant manager is working as to weather you can oc in store.
    6. All Banks are marked with signs outside
    7. Auto Tire and Part (Napa) Sign on door
    Of course everyone knows that all government offices, churches, and schools are off limits.

    All other stores, shops, and business's that I have seen are not posted and are friendly.
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