"The book shows the quality of judges on the federal courts has been declining over time. It also explains why judicial confirmations have become more contentious over time. But the important aspect of this is that smarter judicial nominees have by far the hardest time getting confirmed. Smarter Republican nominees have even tougher time than smart Democrats getting confirmed. I think that some of the facts in the chapter on the American Bar Association in terms of exactly how they hide how really biased their evaluation of judges are will also be of interest."


“John Lott provides a powerful critique, amply supported by facts, of the rapid deterioration of the process for confirming federal judges. As courts have become more political and government has grown increasingly intrusive, battles over confirmations have grown more intense and partisan, with the result, Mr. Lott concludes, that the quality of the judiciary is endangered.”
Robert Bork, former U.S. Appeals Court judge and Supreme Court nominee