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Thread: Exciting news of Trop Gun Shop’s new retail opening October 7th

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    Exciting news of Trop Gun Shop’s new retail opening October 7th

    Trop Gun Shop will be closing the doors to its current building October 2nd at 5:00 PM. The retail store will reopen at its new location, 910 North Hanover St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022, on October 7th at 10:00am. For any inquires please call 717-367-5585.

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    Welcome to OCDO - hope you do well at your new location.

    Announcements such as yours are permitted on our forum as they are RKBA related and of interest to our readers.

    However, it would be good to see you take an active part in the forum for other than what some might feel is simply a personal commercial benefit.

    Look forward to your involvement here.
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