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Thread: Repeal of Colorado's New Gun Law Gains Momentum

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    Repeal of Colorado's New Gun Law Gains Momentum

    "First Recall; Now Repeal: Colorado 2nd Amendment Groups Aim For Overturn Of Gun Laws
    September 17, 2013 by Ben Bullard

    In a joint press release Friday, BFDF and Pueblo Freedom and Rights, a “grassroots issues committee,” announced the repeal movement “will not be going away silently into the night,” calling on all State legislators to respond to a survey sent by BFDF last week:

    In an effort to understand where State legislators stand on Colorado’s new gun laws, we are writing to ask your position on key issues. As you are likely aware, we recently succeeded in the first successful recall of not one, but two, State officials in Colorado history.

    As we consider our next endeavors, we wish to know where every legislator stands on a repeal of Colorado’s unlawful new gun restrictions.

    Please take a moment to answer this simple, 2-question survey:

    Will you vote for a repeal of Colorado’s new gun laws if given the opportunity in the 2014 legislative session? ___ YES or ___ NO

    Would you support a Ballot Initiative that would repeal Colorado’s gun laws? ___ YES or ___ NO

    “While we consider Tuesday’s election a significant victory, we realize that these egregious gun laws remain and we want to know where each and every Colorado State legislator stands on them,” said Kerns in the statement. “It is a new day in Colorado and constituents expect their legislators to represent the will of the people. No one is immune from the reach of the grassroots efforts which powered these two recall elections.”

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    Mark Walters talked with these guys yesterday on Armed American Radio. Pretty good stuff.
    Gonna send them some $$$ next paycheck.
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