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Thread: Watching wavy 10 on the shootings in DC..

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    Watching wavy 10 on the shootings in DC..

    They said he bought the gun in Va. He passed the background checks. With the stir of gun control cries happening, what more do they want?

    Dc mayor blamed sequestration.

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    See how gun registration, and FFL transfers work for ya? Nah, they don't track gun sales....Every gun that's been used in my memory, they have traced back to where it was bought,a nd when. Wonder what they will do if one of the real gun guys, that has had, been using his guns since the 60s does a stupid act....I.E. I have and use as my fav long gun, one that was bought in the 60s and is technically on it's second owner passed down to me...def no registration on that one? I'm begining to wonder...
    I don't think there are very many people that were born looney...Something in life triggers it. If a 22 year old guy buys a 30-06 for hunting, and hunts with it for 25 years. But on the 26th gets fired, his dog dies, and wife leaves him for his best friend, what will the media say then? The typical "He passed the background check, so we need to have more stringent back ground checks"..?
    Gun controllers are so dang silly...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mpguy View Post
    ...He passed the background checks.
    Somebody better tell this chick:

    "Each worker carried his sword strapped to his side." Nehemiah 4:18

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    Hah! That was the most disjointed, rambling, uninformed, and generally illogical "argument" I think I've ever heard.

    My favorite part is at the end – if extra-large magazines are more prone to jam (they are), giving potential unarmed victims a chance to fight back – then shouldn't we actually encourage "active shooters" to use overly-large mags? It's not like the second or two spent reloading more frequently is actually going to give unarmed victims any chance.
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    I never really got how capacity limits were supposed to be helpful anyway. 7 round capacity limit because we... only want a lunatic to be able to kill 7 people at a time??? What?

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    Why is she still listed as a senator? Is there a time period to clean out your office or something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blahpony View Post
    Why is she still listed as a senator? Is there a time period to clean out your office or something?
    She is most likely still trying to remember where it is!
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    Quote Originally Posted by paramedic70002 View Post
    Somebody better tell this chick:

    Two things: Did no one challenge this idiot on the facts about the background check? MSNBC, so I doubt it.

    The idiot mentions that 100-round magazines (which mass-shooter carried these?) jamming. I'd rather a mass shooter used a hi-cap magazine. Increased chance of jamming and smaller mags are not hard to quickly change. Contrast Aurora and Luby's shootings.

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