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Thread: Ruger service turn around?

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    Ruger service turn around?

    I need to send in my LCP to Ruger to get a recoil spring replaced and I was curious if any of you had any experience with them and their turn around time.

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    Unless they specifically said to send the gun to them, you can just buy the spring right off their website or you can get one from Wolff. Sending the gun to ruger requires UPS or FedEx next day air unless ruger sent you a shipping label for warranty it's gonna cost over $50 to ship the gun.
    Ruger is pretty fast with turn around times though.

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    Ruger service turn around?

    Agree. Just order on site. Ordered from them today for my SR 1911 actually and i'm looking at a 23 Sep delivery.

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    I sent a pistol off to Ruger for some major work last year. They did the work quickly and even did some replacement parts free.

    But FedEx or UPS will charge you $85 for the shipping.

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