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Thread: Emily Miller wins another debate -- AC 360

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    Emily Miller wins another debate -- AC 360

    Emily appeared on CNN's AC360 last night and used a devious tactic to shut down the liberal panel members: SHE QUOTED FACTS!

    What an eloquent and effective advocate she has become!! See the segment here:

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    Thumbs up My G-d Emily is GREAT

    Quote Originally Posted by JamesCanby View Post
    What an eloquent and effective advocate she has become!! See the segment here:
    I saw where she joined OC recently. This interview was GREAT. I put this in the 'GREAT' category. She was phenomenally good and to the point.

    -Emily moved the whole panel off their collective rant about 'hating guns' and focused on the alleged topic of 'How do you stop mass shootings' - Emily pointed out it was all unreported mental patients at the shootings of Naval Yard, CT and Colorado movie theatre (and Gabby Giffords, Hinckley, etc....)
    -Emily noted that Rhode Island - where the Navy Yard nut heard aliens talking to him - the cops did not detain him for mental issues) and Massachussetts are some of the worst states reporting to the Federal Gun directory about mental patients - this list of mental cases not allowed to buy guns - THAT is why the federal background check is not working - these hugely liberal states are not following the law

    -Emily shredded Cornell West when he said mass shootings were on a trend up - she quoted the Congressional Research saying gone crime has gone down 40% in last 10 years and mass shootings only account for 18 people per year on average and are random
    -When State Dept lady said there is 'a mass shooting every month' - Emily spoke up and asked her to quote facts - he statement was just not true - the lady started talking about Finland and Scotland shootings....I was waiting for Emily to ask how good a job the State Department did in Benghazi.....
    -When Cooper was saying the Naval Yard murderer tried to buy a handgun Emily cut him down, same when he 'tried to buy an AR15' - Emily shoots at the range where the Perp bought the gun. Cooper later read the record and showed he was wrong.

    She is incredibly powerful. Fantastic performance.
    “Men live without other security than what their own strength and their own invention shall furnish them"
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    Yes indeed, she handled both herself and the "panel" extremely well. Great to have her as an emissary for our side.
    In the final seconds of your life, just before your killer is about to dispatch you to that great eternal darkness, what would you rather have in your hand? A cell phone or a gun?

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    Exactly how I speak t people but with a lot of f-bombs ! lol

    No anti can make a case for gun control .... my cat could defeat these idiots because their arguments are not based on facts but prejudice. Me thinks that they were dropped on their heads. I blame their mothers !

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