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Thread: THE GREAT DEBATE - OPEN CARRY vs CONCEALED CARRY - Sept 26, Meridian Fuddruckers

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    THE GREAT DEBATE - OPEN CARRY vs CONCEALED CARRY - Sept 26, Meridian Fuddruckers

    At our next Idaho Carry dinner on September 26th at Fuddruckers at 3421 Eagle Road in Meridian at 6:30pm, I will be presenting my argument as to why I believe Open Carry is preferable to Concealed Carry. Atty. Ryan Jenks will then present his reasons for Concealed Carry being preferable to Open Carry. There will be time for rebuttals and then we will open it up for questions and challenges from those in attendance. You will not want to miss this event, bring your friends and family. This will be better than the shoot out at the OK Corral.
    For more information E-mail

    Tony Snesko, Founder
    Idaho Carry, Open & Concealed

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    Man you have to make it so far away from

    I live in Mountain Home and don't get off until 5pm.

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    Would be good if someone where to video the debate and post a link here for the benefit of those that cannot me
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    Their web page announcement with talking points. Their web page announcement with talking points.
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    Do I smell a fuddruckers appreciation day coming up? Ohhhhh man. I shouldn't have said it.

    Avert your eyes !

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