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Thread: Colorado Springs Apple Store Experience

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    Colorado Springs Apple Store Experience

    Wanted to replace my stolen macbook a while back so decided what the heck and went to see what they had. Got ther and a line of people outside. No biggie. Private Security and a CSPD by the line so I just figured what the heck. Looked inside, CSPD and more private security inside. Thought to myself, crap, first negative encounter coming up but went in anway and looked around for a mac and not a single offer to assist, place was packed. Not a single word from CSPD or security about my open carry, although I walked by all of them many times checking and comparing specs. Normal night, asked security outside if line was to make a purchase and learned that yep, get in line to buy something. Thanked him for the info and left. Stopped over at JOS A Bank to pick up my new suits and rode home.

    Checked Best Buy for a mac but their selection was pitiful and went home.

    Not a word about my OC. I was worried for no reason.

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    Totally wrong day to shop at an Apple store - the new iPhone 5S & 5C went on sale today, and as I understand it they didn't allow pre-orders this time so all the fanboys had to line up to get them...
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    You fared better than these folks:
    "Robbers hold iPhone campers at gunpoint outside southwest Houston store"
    "Apple fans waiting in an early-morning line for the release of the new iPhone were robbed at gunpoint on Friday, Houston police said.

    It was reported around 5 a.m. at the AT&T store on Westheimer Road at Chimney Rock. Police said people were camped outside the store when two armed guys got out of a car.

    One of the victims told KHOU 11 News the robbers walked up and started making demands.

    “’Gimme everything you’ve got.’ I emptied out my pocket, and he takes away my iPhone, my iPad -- because it was on the ground already,” the victim said. “He’s like, ‘give me your wallet.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t have one – come look.’”"

    I was at the Thornton AT&T shop when it opened yesterday morning. concealing my XDm .45 bitone.
    Started my wait at 5:30 AM.
    Five Thornton PD vehicles showed up, surrounding me, curious as to why I was there playing poker on my iPhone.
    They didn't know that the new iPhone 5S was being released that morning.
    It was my very first armed encounter with law enforcement, and it went VERY well. One even asked what I was carrying. When I told him, he actually said, "Sweet!"
    And they LOVED my pro-2nd amendment bumper stickers:
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    "Sweet!" That reminds me...

    Reminds me of something that happened in my pre Open Carry days, when I got pulled over (I was driving indecisively because I was unfamiliar with the area, and he thought I might be drunk--far from it!) and had my CZ in the glove compartment. I was unable to instantly (before rolling to a stop) retrieve the registration and insurance paperwork from there, so I gave up fishing for it and shut the glove compartment so the cop would not see the gun and panic. I handed him the driver's license and CH permit, and explained that the other paperwork was in the glove compartment with the gun. Expecting I don't know what reaction, I got instead: "What kind?" and I don't recall his exact reaction to "CZ-75" but it was favorable. I could relax, somewhat.

    If someone knows what a CZ-75 is, it's much more likely than not that they are themselves enthusiasts, as Hollyweird and mass murderers have never made them famous.

    I no longer keep the paperwork in the glove compartment. For that matter I no longer keep the gun there either.

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    Too bad someone like yourself wasn't at the Houston store Randall.

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