The park is in a heavily gang-infested area, but it is not in a so-called impact zone flooded by officers to deter crime, McCarthy said. The nearest zones are three blocks to the north and three blocks to the south, leaving the Cornell Square as a no manís land protected only by occasional patrols and an 11 p.m. curfew.

I have lived in places with NO POLICE at all .. crime was ZERO....

If people think police can prevent crime they are nuts. They just pick up the pieces and collect $$ to increase their $$ collecting possibilities by hiring more cops to collect more $$

They say (it will be quite a big deal if the press is wrong again) that a

Shell casings found around the blood-soaked basketball courts were 7.62 mm rounds, which are traditionally used in AK-47 assault rifles and rarely found in gang attacks on Chicagoís South Side.

That area of the city is not the greatest hood .. boarded up houses (not all over but enough) ... not a place to be hanging around a park at night when its not cold out.

AKs are not the choice of gang members so it may have been planned.

This is not gun violence .. its gang violence.

Best thing for the cops to do is say: we are out of here; hey, defend yourselves ..go get guns ... blast these gang bangers if they threaten you life.