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Thread: GFZ Upscale Mall Becomes War Zone in Kenya Terror Attack. When will they learn?

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    GFZ Upscale Mall Becomes War Zone in Kenya Terror Attack. When will they learn?

    The mall is in many ways like an American shopping mall, with a Converse store, a tapas restaurant and a corner where children can play while their parents shop and eat. On weekends, Westgate is bustling with shoppers, including well-to-do Kenyans and members of the city’s large contingent of expatriates. Brightly lighted, with peach-colored pillars and a marble stairway, the mall has more than 80 stores covering 350,000 square feet. Many shopping malls in Nairobi have security guards outside, checking vehicles, searching bags and using metal-detecting wands on visitors before they enter. But the guards — lightly armed, if at all — would be no match for assailants armed with automatic rifles.

    Africans in particular have no excuse for not being familiar with Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self Defense by Charl van Wyk, the founder of Gun Owners of South Africa, in which he relates his termination of the Saint James Church Massacre in Kenilworth, SA in 1993 - using his .38 revolver CCW.

    As for carrying a concealed handgun in a public place, the law does not require one to have a permit to do so.

    Charl van Wyk has been a gracious correspondent.
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    I don't think the majority will ever learn.

    Thanks for the book link, it looks like a great one...

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