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Thread: iOS 7.0 Stinks

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    iOS 7.0 Stinks

    It is slow. It is clunky. It is ugly. It eats batteries alive. It is counter-intuitive. It is completely unJobsian.

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    iOS 7.0 Stinks

    It's on my "ignore" list. Will hold off a few updates while they get it right.

    I think if you backed up full to itunes, u can restore to factory and restore to get a working ios back?
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaun View Post
    I think if you backed up full to itunes, u can restore to factory and restore to get a working ios back?
    Unless Apple has changed something, you cannot go back to an older version of iOS (at least not easily, and currently it requires that you jailbreak your device under the iOS version you wish to return to...)
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    I like it. Still hate apple tho

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    my mini keeps asking me to upgrade, and I keep telling it no.

    Eye you might want to check this board out:

    IIRC even with out a backup to itunes you can get back out of it, but this would be the place to sak.
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    updated my iPhone 5 today - I like that the email section is very fast to delete. Email text is better defined than before. Figured out how to close open apps - different than previous but faster too. Suppose they've changed a lot and hopefully it is all good - so far like it fine.
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    I don't care for the pastel colors and flat icons, but for our two iPhone 5's and iPad Mini, it is faster and has drastically improved battery life.

    From what I've read, those with battery life issues have the install still trying to phone home for Apple ID verification, or apps still updating (and possibly hung up).
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