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Thread: Neptune Festival

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    Neptune Festival

    Next weekend I will be visiting the Neptune Festival and staying Friday night at the Hampton Inn and all day Saturday on the boardwalk and watch the parade. Any tips on what to do and to do relative to carrying, OC/CC?
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    It appears the the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival is entirely on public property.

    Per state law and preemption, you are good to OC.
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    Yep, Grapeshot is right, preemption applies. Besides, with all the drunkeness and problems that have been going down at the oceanfront this year, I wouldn't go to the Neptune festival without a gun. Seems it would be counterproductive to personal safety to leave your firearm at home in such a volatile atmosphere.

    Have fun! I've been to many of them (mandatory fun when I was active duty), and they have some good food too.

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    Neptune Festival RARELY sees the kinds of problems that other [ahem] "ethnic" gatherings seem to produce.
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    good to go

    im down there alot, open carry with no problems or even strange looks...i open carried at the patriotic festival all weekend a while back...i see more open carry there than here in Richmond....that reminds me, its story time...see you on the richmond area thread
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    Used to go every year during the day. Lots of fun. Lots of vendors. It is a good place to get Christmas presents for family.

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