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Thread: Emily Gets Her Gun

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    Emily Gets Her Gun

    Just picked up a copy of Emily Gets Her Gun by Emily Miller. Started reading it Saturday and couldn't put it down. I've been a carry permit holder for 25 years and basically have always focused on my gun laws in my home state and surrounding states that I frequent. WOW ! what an eye opener about D.C. gun rules. I knew they were strict, but not this strict and to even get arrested for having just one empty shell casing. Good job Emily on a good read. What part of "Shall not be infringed", does our government not get....what are they scared of ?

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    Yup. DC Law will prosecute law abiding citizens as felons.

    Take this example, What if I go to the NRA range in nearby Fairfax, VA. Upon returning from the range to my home in Virginia I diligently remove my firearms and boxes of ammunition. However, one single 9mm cartridge fell out and is sitting in the trunk of my car. I now drive into DC, and get stopped for a suspected, minor traffic violation, or as a random "security check" (no RAS needed). Now, they open the trunk, and I'm charged with a felony and sent to jail.

    Land of the free?... Free healthcare according to Obama.
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    Emily has become the poster girl for Gun Rights in D.C. - she is quite a lady too.

    She earned the prestigious Clark Mollenhoff Award for Investigative Journalism as a result of her series in the Washington Times and was awarded the “Journalist of the Year” at the Gun Rights Policy Conference for the 2nd year in a row!

    I acquired a copy of her book w/autograph while in Houston - came back with enough reading material for the next six months.
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    Unregistered Ammo and Casing Case: DC v Witaschek

    Looks like the guy is taking his chances with a jury. He seems pretty sympathetic, good job, house in Georgetown, no crim history.

    His soon-to-be ex-wife accused him of making gun threats...prompting a raid of his DC home (including dragging his 16yo son out of the shower) guns, but they found a misfired shotgun shell and a spent casing, along with a holster. There was possibly a prior consent search of the DC home which turned up an exempt antique revolver.

    They offered him a plea to a lesser and he rejected...he's rolling the dice. Eager to see how this goes.

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    See? He should have kept his guns .... he needed them

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