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Thread: Bigger govt., IRS rides 1884 'dead horse' law to defense of rules for tax preparers.

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    Bigger govt., IRS rides 1884 'dead horse' law to defense of rules for tax preparers.

    "The Obama administration on Tuesday defended its effort to regulate the tax return preparation business for the first time in U.S. history, basing its case largely on a 19th century law dealing with horses lost or killed in the Civil War. At an appellate court hearing on a challenge brought by libertarian lawyers challenging the administration, Justice Department Tax Division lawyer Gilbert Rothenberg said: "I hate to beat a dead horse, especially one from the Civil War era."

    A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit heard the administration's argument. Rothenberg said the IRS should be allowed to force tax return preparers - who are now unregulated - to pass a competency test and take annual continuing education classes. But the Institute for Justice, a libertarian advocacy law firm, disagreed. "Congress never gave the IRS authority to regulate tax preparers," said Dan Alban, an attorney for the institute."
    I am responsible for my writing, not your understanding of it.

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    While it seeems reasonable, its actually not.

    The tax filer is the one responsible for his filings, not the tax preparer.

    After that, goofy tax preparers are handled by the civil courts.

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    Oh, wait, in 1861 or was it 1862 an income tax levied on (army officers) any citizen was ruled unconstitutional.

    Then it was ruled that a direct tax on citizens was unconstitutional.

    Then it was ruled that the 16th Amendment conferred no new powers of taxation.

    So, why do you even care about some rule leveled against those who prepare taxes? If they say that you're required to file then they are too stupid to do your taxes in the first place. If you have them file taxes, that you're not required to file in the first, then you're not any smarter than they are.
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