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Thread: 'I can't throw him out,' Grand Rapids mayor says about man with gun at school meeting

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    'I can't throw him out,' Grand Rapids mayor says about man with gun at school meeting

    “I can’t throw him out,” Heartwell said. “(It) is just beyond my conception, but unless he’ll leave voluntarily, I can’t put him out of your school.”
    “So, in essence, you would rather have me in this room than get rid of something you don’t use. That really is how simple it is,” Lambert told the commission. “If you really don’t want me here, and really I don’t want to be here, the answer is quite simple. When you say there’s nothing you can do about it, that’s not true. Amend your ordinance you don’t use and I won’t be here anymore.”

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    I have been continuing to write letters. The only person I ever get a response back from is Ruth Kelly and no matter what she still seems to think this ordinance only applies to the carrying of firearms in city commission meetings.

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    Hartwell is a Constitution hating puke.

    A comment left of the webpage linked

    Most were anti-gun though ...

    If everyone was OCing .. then what? He's going to go into this tirade every 2 minutes?

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    Re: 'I can't throw him out,' Grand Rapids mayor says about man with gun at school

    +1 to Mr. Lambert for keeping the feet of these asshats in Grand Rapids under the fire. Many cities in MI have very similar laws on the books. They refuse to change them because they hope they will be misunderstood by their law-abiding citizens, and therefore keep them from exercising their rights. 99% of the population does not read the laws. Those shady leaders know this, they count on it, and are more than happy to break the law themselves to get their opinions enforced as law.

    MCL 123.1102 keeps any municipality from enforcing/making their own firearms laws. The State makes firearm laws in MI period. At best they (GR & other anti towns) can only control the discharge of firearms within their city limits, nothing else!

    Sad times for constitutional rights in this country...
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