Howdy everyone. First post.

I've searched and can't find any forum posts about this. I've also read NMAC (revised on 1/1/13) which states it is now legal to "possess" a loaded firearm in NM state parks if you have a valid CHL (assuming no "guns prohibited" sign). Previous law said you could only possess unloaded firearms in a State Park (whether openly carried or concealed).

Does this mean you now can OC a loaded firearm in a NM State Park, as long as you have a valid CHL? It says you can "possess" a loaded firearm in a State Park with a CHL...but doesn't say it also has to be concealed, and doesn't define "possess."

As a lawyer, I'm aware that the purpose of laws is to prohibit conduct, so if the law does not specifically prohibit conduct, then the conduct is deemed "legal." However since I am not licensed to practice law in NM, I just want to ensure I am not missing something regarding this issue! I would hate to be a "test case" the next time I go camping in a NM state park.