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Thread: - Open carry rising: States, courts expand open carry rights

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    8,709 - Open carry rising: States, courts expand open carry rights


    The open carry movement scored some big wins this year, indicating that ‘open carry’ has not lost steam as a legal and social engine of American gun rights. This year three states have legalized or expanded open carry rights, and two federal courts have struck down gun carry bans on the grounds that banning open carry in public violates the Second Amendment.

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    John Pierce, co-founder of, and an attorney in Virginia, is not surprised by the continuing momentum of the open carry movement. According to Pierce, “open carry is the open-secret of the gun rights movement," adding that “the actual right that is enshrined in so many state constitutions as well as the US Constitution continues to be open carry.”

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    "This year three states have legalized or expanded open carry rights..."

    No, they haven't. They got further out of the way of the Right that already existed!

    I understand, though, that that wording is intended for those outside our community and that we must communicate in a way that does not put them off.

    On a related note, some folks need to read more carefully before jumping to conclusions, and (when they do some olympic conclusion jumping) they should be open to discussing their mistake, not being closed-minded about it...if you know what I mean. (No, I haven't let it go.)

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    RIGHTS don't exist without RESPONSIBILITY!
    If one is not willing to stand for his rights, he doesn't have any Rights.
    I will strive to stand for the rights of ANY person, even those folks with whom I disagree!
    As said by SVG--- "I am not anti-COP, I am PRO-Citizen" and I'll add, PRO-Constitution.
    If the above makes me a RADICAL or EXTREME--- So be it!

    Life Member NRA
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    2nd amendment says.... "...The right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!"

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