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Thread: NVCC gun policy question.

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    NVCC gun policy question.

    So i was reading my colleges gun policy and it confused me a little bit. This is what one section says,

    "Faculty, staff, and students may secure unloaded handguns, rifles, and shotguns in a
    compartment or container of parked vehicles. Faculty, staff, and students who wish to secure a
    handgun in their vehicle must possess a valid concealed handgun permit. The compartment or
    container may be a trunk or other storage area. At no time shall a weapon to include handguns,
    rifles and shotguns be visible in plain view while inside a vehicle. Furthermore, at no time shall
    faculty, staff and students possess the weapon (except while in their vehicle) while on college

    The part that confuses me is in the middle, it states that in order to store it in the trunk i have to have a concealed handgun permit, but i know that is not true when it pretains to off campus. So i was wondering if it is even right of them to place that wording in there?

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    It's not law, it's simply the school's policy. They can punish you academically for not following their rules, but you can only be charged with trespassing if you get caught with a gun on campus. IMHO, keep it hidden well and on you. If you truly end up needing it, academic punishment will be well worth retaining your life.

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