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Thread: PA OCing ??

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    PA OCing ??

    I will be travailing to Benezette to photograph the Elk this weekend. I am from Ohio and plan on OCing while I am there. I have tried to look up all the info I may need to know to keep me legal but thought I would run by what I have to make sure.

    I have an Ohio CHL. That should cover my when I am in my or someone else's vehicle.

    I have read that OCing in state parks is prohibited. Is this correct?

    I have read that Pennsylvania has preemption laws ( I will not be going to Philly ) . What I need to know is can count and city post parks?

    I called the Elk County Visitor Center and was told that the viewing areas where not state land. Does anyone know of any areas that I will be prohibited from OCing in the viewing area?

    I know about the usual CPZ like Scool Safty Zones.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Unfortunately, Pennsylvania does not have reciprocity with Ohio regarding handgun licenses.

    Although it is true that you may carry in a vehicle based on your Ohio license, any carrying outside of the vehicle would have to be Open Carry.

    Concerning state parks (not the same as State Forests), DCNR regulations prohibit the carrying of any firearms, open or concealed, within state parks. A change to state law, however, permits the concealed carry of firearms in state parks, as long as you have a Pa. License to Carry Firearms or a license recognized by Pennsylvania. Thus, for you with your Ohio CHL, you're out of options.

    Concerning county and other municipal parks, state law applies (i.e., preemption), and you're good to go concerning Open Carry.

    If the elk viewing area is not state land, it sounds like you're good to go.

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